Program Tracks & Sessions​​

​Ce​​ntral Nerve​ B​locks​ Peripheral Nerve Blocks Obstetric Postoperative Pain Management
Chronic Pain Management Paediatric Ultrasonography Misce​​​llaneous​​
​Pharm​​acology Orthopedics​ Ambulatory​ ​Education
​Morbidity​ ​ ​ ​​​​​​​

Central Nerve Blocks
Refresher Course: Neuraxial blockade in patients with preexisting spinal stenosis, lumbar disk disease, or prior spine surgery
Symposium: RA for thoracic Surgery / anaesthesia
Live Demonstration Workshop: Central blocks (epidural, spinal and paravertebral blocks)
Peripheral Nerve Blocks
Refresher Course: The place of adjuvant drugs in peripheral nerve blocks
Panel Discussion: Perineural catheters: placement, documentation, fixation
Pro-Con Debate: The TAP block should be performed blind to ascertain optimal result
Ask the Expert: Volume, dose or drug mixture: what should we choose for our peripheral nerve block
Ask the Expert: Supraclavicular approach should replace interscalene
Ask the Expert: Continuous wound infusion in abdominal surgery: how, when, why?
Luncheon Discussion: Malperformance of perineural catheters: reasons and prevention
Live Demonstration Workshop: Abdominal wall blocks
Live Demonstration Workshop: Sciatic nerve blocks
Live Demonstration Workshop: Distal nerve blocks of the upper and lower extremity
Live Demonstration Workshop: Proximal blocks of the lower extremity
Live Demonstration Workshop: Cervical plexus blocks
Live Demonstration Workshop: Suprascapular and axillar nerve block
Live Demonstration Workshop: Special considerations for blocks in the infraclavicular region
Refresher Course: Topping up the labour epidural catheter for unplanned Cesarean section: organizational issues and magical epidural mixtures
Refresher Course: Prevention of PDPH and Accidental dural puncture
Symposium: Modern labour analgesia
Symposium: Anesthesia for Cesarean section
Panel Discussion: Horizons in obstetric regional anesthesia
Pro-Con Debate: Remifentanil PCA for labour analgesia
Ask the Expert: How to test block and epidural catheter in obstetric anesthesia and analgesia
Ask the Expert: Managing pain during regional anesthesia for C-section
Luncheon Discussion: Labour analgesia: new concepts
Live Demonstration Workshop: Imaging and the obstetric anesthetist: spine, TAP, gastric volume and beyond
Live Demonstration Workshop: Peri- and intraoperative anaesthesia in pelvic floor surgery
Postoperative Pain Management
Refresher Course: From acute postoperative pain to chronic pain: how to prevent?
Symposium: PROSPECT Session Topic to be provided by Prospect Group
Chronic Pain Management
Refresher Course: Chronic Postoperative Pain following Cardiac Surgery
Refresher Course: Ultrasound for pain therapy: the evidence
Refresher Course: Controversials in the use of SCS in chronic pain patients
Refresher Course: Intrathecal drug delivery Patient management from Trial to long-term follow up. Decision management process
Refresher Course: Cancer pain: therapeutic options
Refresher Course: Treatment of facet-related pain: Evidence based standards for good clinical outcome
Symposium: Intrathecal Drug Delivery Systems: Pharmacology of Drug Dosing
Symposium: Neuropathic radicular Pain. Just discogenic?
Symposium: Craniofacial Pain and Neuromodulation
Panel Discussion: Accuracy and efficacy of Neurostimulation in the treatment of chronic pain patient. Decision Making Process
Panel Discussion: Autonomic AND VISCERAL Neuromodulation
Panel Discussion: CRPS one step forward in its diagnosis and management
Panel Discussion: Interventional spine procedures. Are all evidence based?
Panel Discussion: Cancer pain
Panel Discussion: Evolution in Radiofrequency practice in Pain Medicine
Pro-Con Debate: Pulsed radiofrequency is a placebo technique
Pro-Con Debate: Frequency has relevant impact on Spinal neuromodulation
Pro-Con Debate: Diagnostic Blocks have predictive value in decision making process for the chronic pain patient
Luncheon Discussion: Chronic pelvic and perineal pain
Live Demonstration Workshop: Ultrasound Imaging and Peripheral Nerve Field Stimulation
Live Demonstration Workshop: Ultrasound-Guided Trigeminal Nerve Block
Live Demonstration Workshop: Failed back surgery patient . SCS loss of efficacy in long term follow up
Live Demonstration Workshop: IDD in patient with mixed pain and progressive loss of efficacy
Live Demonstration Workshop: An integrated 3d teaching method of regional anatomy for peripheral nerve blocks: pair stereoscopic images for ultrasound approach
Refresher Course: USGRA for pediatric anesthesia: an update
Panel Discussion: Regional anesthesia in children
Pro-Con Debate: Adjuncts to peripheral nerve blocks in children
Pro-Con Debate: Ilioinguinal vs caudal in children
Ask the Expert: Regional anaesthesia in children: indications and limitations
Luncheon Discussion: Regional anaesthesia for children with special conditions
Luncheon Discussion: Peripheral nerve blocks for children: ultrasound or neuro stimulator?
Refresher Course: Ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia: outcome
Symposium: New evidences for ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia
Symposium: Modern Blocks
Panel Discussion: Spinal anesthesia & Spine sonography: pearls and pitfalls
Pro-Con Debate: Dual Guidance (ultrasound & nerve stimulation)
Pro-Con Debate: Ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia possible in the asleep patient
Ask the Expert: Ultrasound-guided BD-TAP block for laparoscopic appendectomy
Ask the Expert: Ultrasound for treatment chronic post-herniorrhaphy pain
Ask the Expert: Sono-anatomy of the upper extremity: important considerations for clinical practice
Luncheon Discussion: Intraneural injections: do or don’t? 
Live Demonstration Workshop: Abdominal wall and PECS
Refresher Course: Cardiovascular Patients: Regional Anesthesia revisited
Refresher Course: Regional anaesthesia in the intensive care unit / emergency department
Symposium: Evidence of regional anaesthesia
Panel Discussion: Technical development for patient safety in regional anaesthesia
Panel Discussion: Regional anaesthesia in the anticoagulated patient – when allowed, when contraindicated
Panel Discussion: Regional anaesthesia in special patients
Pro-Con Debate: Regional anaesthesia in the anaesthetized patient
Pro-Con Debate: RA is superior to general anesthesia
Luncheon Discussion: Effects of RA on long term outcome
Luncheon Discussion: Regional anaesthesia in cardio surgery: is it of proven value?
Luncheon Discussion: Mastering difficult anatomy: ways to get in the right place
Luncheon Discussion: Regional blockade in patients with a history of a seizure disorder
Refresher Course: Sedation for regional anaesthesia: needed?
Refresher Course: Non anaesthetic effects of local anaesthetics
Refresher Course: Toxicity of local anaesthetics: local and systemic considerations
Refresher Course: New anticoagulants and regional anaesthesia
Pro-Con Debate: Adjuvants to local anesthetics are superior to continuous regional anaesthesia
Ask the Expert: Impact of anaesthesia regimen on middle and long-term cancer surgery outcome
Luncheon Discussion: Adjuvant drugs in regional anesthesia

Refresher Course: Regional anaesthesia for shoulder surgery and chronic shoulder pain
Refresher Course: Peri- and intraoperative regional anaesthesia in hip surgery
Symposium: Regional anaesthesia of the upper extremity
Panel Discussion: Regional anaesthesia in orthopedic surgery
Refresher Course: Regional anaesthesia for outpatient surgery
Symposium: ASRA/ESRA Joint Session: Continuous regional anaesthesia for ambulatory surgery
Panel Discussion: Ambulatory anesthesia
Pro-Con Debate: Continuous regional anaesthesia for ambulatory surgery
Refresher Course: Training and education in regional anaesthesia – its implementation
Refresher Course: How to give a good scientific presentation
Symposium: Teaching regional anaesthesia
Symposium: Topics of future research for regional anaesthesia
Refresher Course: Regional anaesthesia and nerve injury: risks and their minimization
Symposium: Regional Anaesthesia and severe complications: do we have to fear?
Panel Discussion: Nerve injury
Ask the Expert: Shoulder surgery in the beach chair position: special considerations for anaesthesia, hemodynamics and monitoring
Ask the Expert: Risk of infection after neuraxial block in infected orthopedic surgeries
Luncheon Discussion: Nerve injuries: prevention, treatment
Luncheon Discussion: Regional anaesthesia in patients with pre-existing neurological diseases​